Water Utility Services
Public Water System Management: Specializing in Rural Co-Operative Ground Water, or Well Water, Systems.

  • 24/7 Emergency On Call
  • TCEQ Compliance
  • Regular Maintenance/ Repair/Construction
  • Monthly Sampling, Meter Reading, Billing

24/7 Emergency on call-

We are available around the clock, after hours, weekends, and holidays for water line repairs, power outages, and other water related emergencies.

TCEQ Compliance-

We guarantee compliance with the TCEQ from monthly sampling, required operating reports and documentation, to regulatory conditions such as water quality and pressure.

Regular Maintenance/Repairs/Construction:  

  • Regular Maintenance - Every water system we manage will be visited a minimum of twice a week for regular inspections and routine maintenance. These inspections include checking for proper chlorine residual, adequate pressure, storage levels, and to verify there are no issues mechanical or otherwise. Dead end mains are on a regular flushing schedule to prevent poor water quality.

  • Repairs -Our staff is experienced in repairing all types of leaks in various types of conditions. We own the equipment needed to make such repairs ensuring the least amount of down time. Customers will be notified prior to turning off water, and routine repairs will be scheduled in advance when possible.

  • Construction -  We specialize in construction of water systems and pumping/storage facilities. We have the ability to complete any size project from water line extensions, rehabbing of existing facilities, to ground-up new water systems.


Monthly Sampling/Meter Reading/Billing:

  • Monthly Sampling- We have never had a bacteriological sample rejected from the lab, samples are collected and results reported on time, and records are kept in accordance with state law.

  • Meter Reading- Customer meters are read every month, and as close to the same day as the previous month.

  • Billing-​ Customer water bills are sent out to every customer every month. No exceptions are made in collecting them. Late fees and re-connect fees for non-payment will apply.